One thing about DVR that could become a problem somewhere on the road is the fact that you can`t download shows or movies for offline viewing. There are times when you travel or have spotty internet (more on that later) and you want to download your recorded programs so you can enjoy them without missing a beat. YouTube TV doesn`t allow you to do that, which is frustrating. Different video services have different speed requirements. For more information, check out our list of speed requirements for the best streaming services. You can watch YouTube with very slow internet connections, even with download speeds below 1 Mbps. However, it is important to have a faster and more reliable connection for better video quality. The plan requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional charges apply.

Equipment charges may apply. Related video: How streaming affects your internet How to Choose the Best Internet Service Provider for Streaming To find the best internet service providers for streaming, we looked at the following features: U.S. Availability Our reviews. Download speed is the most important requirement for watching YouTube videos, but there are also software and operating system requirements for using the website. If you`re watching YouTube on a mobile device or smart TV, the easiest way is to use the corresponding YouTube app on your device. You can also watch YouTube with a mobile browser, although the app usually works better. It then rises to 3. If you want to stream at p and 30 fps, you need 3. The good news is that internet speeds are improving. A study by internet speed testing company Ookla found that average download speeds, boosted by gigabit speed connections that were once limited to certain neighborhoods in larger cities, are now more widely available than ever.