Of course, he wanted to defeat Doflamingo, but the plan against Kaido still exists. Later, when Luffy realized the trick of actually harming Kaidou, Law was surprised that Ruffy`s blows had nothing to do with the Emperor`s body. Luffy told Law that he could trust him with Kaidou`s defeat. [163] Law then picked up Zoro and noticed that Zeus had been freed from Kid`s metal box because his magnetism was weakened. Not wanting Big Mom to find Zeus, he decided to take the cloud homie with him while teleporting downstairs with Zoro. [164] After teleporting with Zoro, both were captured by Sanji. Law informed Sanji of Zoro`s condition, but quickly left the scene, searched for Big Mom, and let Zoro be taken care of and cared for by Sanji. A little later, Law heard the widespread announcement that Luffy had been defeated by Kaidou. [166] But while Luffy has had her eye on the One Piece for years, Law`s focus is somewhat different. Before the Arc, Law`s only purpose in life was to avenge Rosinante by killing Doflamingo and driving him from power. When Law finally arrived at Dressrosa, he was looking forward to dying and not making him live because he knew it wouldn`t be easy to defeat Doflamingo.

While Luffy played (and will undoubtedly continue to be) an important role in the end, he wasn`t relevant to the plan from the start. Kaidou should face Doflamingo, not Law and Luffy, they shouldn`t even fight. Since Law is at the center of the Doflamingo case and Kaido is furious, it`s natural for him to play an important role in the arc. Just like Luffy, Law`s goal is to defeat Kaido, and then take another step forward in his journey. Unfortunately, Law did not play a major role in the first two acts of Wano Country. Although he fought Hawkins and surrendered to save his crew, Law was rather calm during the first section of the bow. Act 3 of Fano, however, changed all that by putting Law in the spotlight by allowing her to save the vagina and carry them to Onigahma. While Luffy and Franky were fighting the Yeti Cool Brothers, Law appeared and cut Scotch in half.

Scotch got up and tried to attack Law with a knife. Law jumped up and put both hands on Scotch`s chest. He emitted an electric current using a movement called counter-shock, causing Scotch to fall into a burning pile. Nami thanked Law, but quickly removed it and asked to retrieve his body. When Luffy broke Nami`s chains with his teeth, Law told him he wanted to talk to Luffy about something. Although his arrival on the island may have been accidental, there was a key important sleep on the island that could plunge the world into a pandemonium. He went on to say that there are only two ways to survive in the New World: either walk under an emperor`s safety umbrella or challenge him consistently. Law explained that he knew Luffy was not the servant type, which Luffy accepted. Law then asked Luffy to form an alliance with him, all with the aim of overthrowing one of the four emperors. When Luffy tried to understand how Law wanted to defeat an emperor, Law explained that he wanted to find a strategy and wait for the right opportunity.[26] After asking Luffy again, Ruffy replied that he wanted to know which of the four emperors they would defeat. Law stated that he intended to defeat Kaidou, which relieved Luffy because he didn`t want to compete with Shanks first.[27] Therefore, he accepted the alliance (much to Nami`s protest) because he intended to defeat the four emperors. Law advised Ruffy not to underestimate the emperor, as they were once competing with Whitebeard for territory, and went on to say that the chances of success were only 30%, but Luffy agreed anyway.[28] [29] Luffy was recognized as the fifth emperor even before coming to Vano, so his affiliation with the Four Emperors came as no surprise.

With Big Mom and Kaido, another niche for a new emperor has been opened. But instead of getting that status to Law or Kid, it was Buggy who surprisingly got the spot – and there could be a few good reasons why the two young captains were left out. Law tried to find out more about Kid`s awakened abilities, but Kid refused to reveal more. However, his attack was not enough to kill Big Mom.