Sharplegal`s knowledge facilitates dynamic decision-making to reduce risk and gain competitive advantage by ensuring that you: We do not list law or consulting firms, but only lawyers and individual experts. The companies whose people receive the most nominations in the study are featured in our editorials, but this is not a list for the company. Over the past 12 months, WWL has conducted its survey of legal advisors and gathered feedback from legal market sources to identify the best lawyers and in-house teams in the world. The results will be announced shortly. Who`s Who Legal (WWL) is one of the world`s leading directories of legal practitioners and non-legal advisory professionals. The compiled preliminary list of nominations is then distributed to all designated practitioners, requesting their feedback via an online or written survey and encouraging them to submit details of client testimonials to support their inclusion. All comments received will be taken into account when deciding on bids. Sharplegal collects and reviews empirical market data that law firms use to develop successful strategic plans. The information generated by the Sharplegal study brings science and rigor to the decision-making process.

Use this information to set strategic direction, validate investment decisions, and drive successful change. This fourth survey uses a slightly modified version of the survey tool used for previous national studies. But with a new data collection methodology that resulted in a significantly larger sample than previous studies. This survey was distributed through government agencies to the comprehensive lists of licensed lawyers available in the 24 participating states. The 24 participating States provided a representative sample of States at the national level in terms of lawyers` demographics, urban-rural integration, policy orientation and pro bono policies. The sample of lawyers highlighted in this report represents the views of nearly 50,000 lawyers across the country. The depth of market data generated by Sharplegal is provided not only as stimulating content to refine strategic planning, but also as practical tips and tools that enable businesses to adapt positively and profitably. In addition to our practice area guides and special reports, we also conduct ad hoc research, including but not limited to an annual pro bono survey, as well as research on topical issues such as Brexit. WWL`s dedicated research team interviews thousands of big names in the legal industry each year and receives written feedback from thousands more. Results are summarized in more than 50 global practice areas and national guides, each focused on a specific sector, industry or market.

However, navigating through such a large amount of information can be a daunting or tedious task. We offer similar content in Thought Leaders: Women in Law, a new addition to our Thought Leaders series that aims to put women in the legal sector even more prominently through Q&A and other content. In addition to lawyers, many of our guides also cover consultants, including appraisers, accountants and legal advisors. We are looking for an annual guide made up of the leading experts in each practice guide. WWL`s Market Insight tool is designed to allow users to quickly find detailed information about practitioners in a particular legal sector or industry so they can make an informed decision about hiring a firm or individual. The Market Insight Tool is a portal to all of WWL`s current research, searching for more than 28,000 lawyers and consulting professionals in 35 practice areas and more than 160 jurisdictions. Better understanding of the evolution of the legal market from the client`s perspective to enable business growth. Law Business Research is a London-based publisher of international law and the parent company of WWL. WWL`s Pro Bono Investigation Committee, which includes the Editor-in-Chief and Pro Bono Survey Coordinator, meets after the deadline and discusses submissions received. All study participants, regardless of their clients, are named as outstanding lawyers in Sharplegal`s global survey. There is no law firm involvement in the surveyed population or appointment process.

Access annual interviews with more than 2,100 seasoned legal decision-makers across 22 industries and 8 geographies. The results of Who`s Who Legal Competition Law 2022 have been announced and include 46 lawyers from Baker McKenzie, Trench Rossi Watanabe and Quisumbing Torres (in collaboration with Baker McKenzie) from around the world. The survey, conducted by Who`s Who Legal in collaboration with Global Competition Review, was based on feedback from clients and competition lawyers from other law firms. The number of lawyers featured in the 2022 Competition Law Survey reinforces the strength of Baker McKenzie`s global antitrust and competition group and the reputation of its practitioners in 40+ jurisdictions worldwide with dedicated antitrust and competition law teams. Antitrust lawyer Esteban Ropolo (Argentina) Georgina Foster (Australia) Andreas Traugott (Austria) Gavin Bushell (Belgium) Fiona Carlin (Belgium) Mohamed Elfar (Egypt) Luis Gomez (England) Paulo Casagrande (Brazil)* Samantha Mobley (England) Lena Sersiron (France) Christian Burholt (Germany) Nicolas Kredel (Germany) Stephen Crosswell (Hong Kong) Zoltan Barakonyi (Hungary) Marton Horyani (Hungary) Akira Inoue (Japan) Andre Gan (Malaysia) Mikolaj Piaskowski (Poland) Paloma Martinez Lage (Spain) Boris Wenger (Switzerland) Sonya Hsu (Taiwan) Creighton Macy (DC) Two global web surveys per year produce a robust set of research to inform and validate your talent strategies. In addition to WWL, Law Business Research hosts many leading resources and publications in the legal and business sectors, including: Since 2005, WWL has identified a leading law firm and practitioner in each of our practice areas as a WWL Law Firm/Lawyer/Expert of the Year in this area. In addition, we select a leading law firm in more than 80 jurisdictions around the world. Since 2013, we have hosted an annual Black Tie Awards ceremony to celebrate the incredible achievements of these outstanding names in the legal profession. Since 2013, WWL has been conducting an annual pro bono survey where companies from around the world are invited to submit in the form of a detailed questionnaire on the pro bono activity of companies.