Apart from offering anime, Asian Crush is also a good place to find Korean dramas and Asian romantic movies. The website is owned by Digital Media Rights, so it`s likely we`ll find content already available on Midnight Pulp. Another of the best websites for watching anime is CONtv. A very broad platform that offers you an immense amount of content for free. The only downside is that you have to deal with ads in the free version, but you can remove them by paying for the premium version. It has official licenses of some of the most important anime and manga sagas most famous. And not only is it an inexhaustible source of anime and manga, but it also has a store that offers all kinds of anime products and a blog with the latest anime news. Another reference space for fans in the Hispanic world finds its atmosphere for Spanish fans. Ramen for two is a blog that has grown over time thanks to the wealth of information it provides. In addition, its content is regularly updated. So, if you are an otaku, here is the bible of websites entirely dedicated to anime, streaming platforms where you can watch Japanese anime series, and most of them for free.

You can access the entire catalog of animes, watch them anywhere, as they can be downloaded, and also without ads that interfere with the display of episodes. In addition to the series, they also have movies, and there are daily (and translated) episode premieres. Crunchyroll is a huge reserve of movies with over 20,000 and 10,000 hours of anime, Korean dramas, and live-action titles. And you can watch movies legally, so there are no problems with the authorities. Anime, on the other hand, refers to animated representation in all its aspects: television, video games, cinema, internet. In addition, this product grows and feeds according to the amount of audience that is added. As we say, it has become a massive phenomenon for years and many major streaming platforms include it in their content offerings. In many cases, especially those associated with success, this content has both its manga version and its anime version. In recent months, Amazon has acquired more anime licenses to integrate into its streaming platform, including series such as Attack on the Titans, Jojo`s Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, Death Note, Psycho Pass, Dororo or Inuyashiki. Its price of 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year is a good alternative if you do not choose Netflix when it comes to enjoying a good anime catalog. Although, of course, it depends on which series are most interested in each.

In recent years, anime has spread to all parts of the world, gaining more and more fans of this impressive Japanese anime series. Among all this, we can mention the franchises of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, One-Punch Man, Demon Slayer and many others. And if you want to get started in this world, you need to know the best websites to watch anime. Although there are also mobile apps that allow you to access this content. Some of the most notable anime include Lupin III, Demon City, Fatal Fury and Samurai Troopers. It has a fairly wide catalog with a variety of anime subtitled or dubbed in English, with good reproduction quality. The first impression when you access 9Anime is that it is an anime search engine, and the truth is that it is, with a very neat and elegant interface. You enter the web, search for the anime you want to watch, select the chapter, and start watching your anime online for free. The site offers a wide range of collections. Browse thousands of dubbed and subtitled movies and anime on all devices and apps without paying for registration.

You will love the content because there is a great mix of anime on this site. Those of us who are diehard anime fans outside of our native Japan often find it difficult to watch the anime we would like to see because it simply isn`t available in our region or is no longer available on any platform. Manga Plus is the official manga reading site of Shueisha`s Shonen Jump magazine. The site is relatively new and was originally only available in English, but after a few months it has activated all of its Spanish content and updates its catalogs in that language weekly. The idea of this site is that you stop looking for manga in illegal portals. Its authors use sparkle, humour and dynamism to create appeal. From this general concept, all the contents of the Web are developed. In a short time, it managed to position itself as one of the reference portals within the Spanish-speaking community. If you are interested in this amazing platform developed today by one of the largest ecommerce sites, just follow this link to see the best anime of the moment. It should be noted that the latest anime releases arrive almost immediately GogoAnime with little delay. We also find the anime sorted alphabetically, by year, by month of release or by popularity.

And through short texts, you quickly know why an anime is fashionable. Anime-Planet is a free website where you can not only watch anime, but also read different manga, a forum where you can talk to other users about series, characters and manga, and a news section so that you are informed about upcoming releases. The extensive anime catalog comes with an equally high price, as Crunchyroll has three very reasonable prices: monthly (4.99 euros), quarterly (13.99 euros) and annual (39.99 euros). In addition, it also has a Premium + subscription for 8.99 euros per month, in which you can access exclusive discounts in its store, where you can buy series in physical format, figurines, T-shirts. If you get bored of anime, you can always watch a real picture movie, documentary, or reality show. Interestingly, it should be noted that it does not require any registration to be able to watch any of the anime available. As I said, anime has evolved to touch all genres. Here you will find all this: current news and events about video games, music, news, industry news. In fact, it differs from other websites by the rich content it hosts on music and the seventh art. It has a section with reviews and opinions on the formers, as well as everything you need to get into the Japanese genre and grow.

Pluto TV gives you free access to anime streaming channels legally Hidive is another service that perfectly matches the best websites for watching anime. Unfortunately, the choice of what can be watched without payment is quite limited and in many cases you can only watch the first episode for free. Viraljodas.com is a website that stands out for its own and distinctive style to deal with news and information about the world of manga and, of course, anime. Anime Lab is another good alternative to enjoy anime online, although it has geographical restrictions If you are an otaku of the breed and want to watch some of the best anime of the moment online while discovering new series without spending a dime out of your pocket, then we recommend 10 of the best streaming services to watch anime for free. Following Netflix`s lead, Amazon Prime Video has also started adding anime to its vast product catalog, including Dragon Ball Super: Broly, considered by many to be the best Dragon Ball movie of all time (you can read our Dragon Ball Super: Broly review here). Anime Planet is a platform that works with other paid platforms like Crunchyroll and Hulu to offer its users more than 50,000 absolutely free anime. On this site we find a huge collection of anime and manga. In addition, there is a social space that allows us to communicate with like-minded people who are anime fans like us. In Jonuplay we find classic anime such as Black Jack to other lesser-known, but no less interesting productions, such as The Magic Book of Zero or Ronja, the Bandit`s Daughter, Studio Ghibli series.